The Weird and awkward girl

      Sometimes i just don’t like my personality I don’t want to be the weird and awkward girl. i mean high school is hard enough with all the gossip and stuff but I’m the weird and awkward girl who can’t get a guy. A year ago I would have said “fuck guys” or something like that but now I’m developing into a hormonal teenage girl and I hat it. It’s bad enough that I’m weird I have to be awkward to, I don’t want to b that girl I want to be the girl that every guys wants but no that won’t happen to me because I’m me. Anyway the reason why I’m ranting is because theirs this guy that I kind of like I mean I’m not totally shore if I like him or nah but i think he likes me too. But with  every love story theirs always a problem, mine is my friend she likes him too but she don’t not know that I like him which makes it more complicated and I have too be the nice friend and back off even thou I liked him first. I just want to be notice by someone (maybe him).